You may not be familiar with these brands, but you should know them. All of the following American companies have a cult-following and are worth checking out for your next purchase.

1.The Body Shop: Founded in 1976 by Anita Roddick, this company is known for its social activism and ethical trade practices as well as its eco-friendly products that are made from mostly natural ingredients. They offer something to everyone from vegan makeup to organic body care products to haircare items such as hair dye and shampoo/conditioner sets.

2. Kiehl’s: Established in 1851, this brand has been around for more than 150 years! It was one of the first companies in its field to use the power of pharmaceutical grade active ingredients and is now known for providing a high quality, effective product with no animal testing. They offer skin care products, hair styling products and more!

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Cult-Favorite American Brands You Should Know: The Body Shop cts, hair styling products and more!

Stay tuned for more posts about American brands who are revolutionizing the way we shop. [/br] Jennie Hildreth is a freelance writer living in Los Angeles CA. She writes about new products and how to find them online too.

This article is a list of the top American brands you should know, from Coca-Cola to Nike. It’s not just because these companies are “American” and/or have been around for so long that they deserve all our attention – it’s because each one has made significant contributions in some way or another.

Coca-Cola: The world’s most popular drink was started by an Atlanta pharmacist with a knack for marketing who used cocaine as his main ingredient. One hundred years later, Coke continues to be America’s favorite soft drink while also being served at McDonald’s (where it provides about 50% of their sales), on Amazon Prime Air flights, and pretty much anywhere else you want

The United States has a rich history of entrepreneurship and innovation. And that’s just as true in the beauty industry as it is for any other sector. Here are ten cult-favorite American brands you should know about!

Sephora: Although founded by Dominique Mandonnaud, who was originally from France, this company now operates over 230 stores across North America. In recent years they’ve been known to sell some foreign products like Krave Beauty but their bread and butter remains makeup (and skin care). They’re still one of the largest international players in cosmetics retailing today with annual sales topping $12 billion USD worldwide. One notable product? Their “VIB Rouge” loyalty program which gives members exclusive access to a range of perks.

CoverGirl: This is one brand that’s been around for, well, decades! Established in the 1950s by Walter Lippman and Frank Rosenfeld as an affordable alternative to other brands like Max Factor and Revlon, it survived tough times (unfortunate trends) to emerge stronger than ever today with over 18 million followers on Instagram alone. The company has also made a conscious effort to be more inclusive lately which makes them all the better in our book! One notable product? Their “So Lashy” mascara – formulated specially so you don’t get clumps or smudges when applying your makeup.

Kylie Cosmetics: Unlike many beauty companies who are built on the idea of a single woman, Kylie Cosmetics was built on the sole principle that all women are beautiful. These days it’s not uncommon for makeup lines to take inspiration from other cultures and in doing so include more people-of-color both as models and customers. This is where things get interesting with Kylie: she formed her company around this idea (herself being part Asian), and even has an entire range dedicated to “darker” skin tones.

Bobbi Brown: Established in 1991 by renowned beauty expert Bobbi Brown, herself! The brand started out as just one type of lipstick but quickly expanded into eyeshadows, lip glosses, brushes – you name it! Needless to say they’re now a household name in the beauty world.

Lorac Cosmetics: Established by a makeup artist and celebrity make-up director, this brand was born out of frustration over how difficult it is for dark skinned people to get high quality cosmetics. They specialize in color correcting foundation that can be used not only on your face but also anywhere else you might need some coverage – so say goodbye to those pesky under eye circles!

Smashbox Cosmetics: Started in 1996 with just one product (primer), they’ve grown into an internationally recognized company that’s sold everywhere from Sephora to ulta Beauty stores across the US. Their line includes everything from primers, foundations, eyeshadows, lipsticks and much more!

Burt’s Bees: This company was started in the 1990s when beekeeper, Bertram Blixen, created a line of beeswax lip balms after seeing his granddaughter suffer from chapped lips. They now offer everything from lip care products to personal care and home cleaning items!

Benefit Cosmetics: Founded by brothers Ben & Jerry who are also responsible for ice cream (we’re not kidding), this makeup brand is loved across the globe – especially their iconic highlighter known as “the skinny” which has been on every TV show and magazine cover since its release over 20 years ago.

Urban Decay Cosmetics: Originally founded to create durable water-resistant eye shadows that would stay put.


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