Gremlins are one of the most popular monsters in fiction. They have a wide range of powers, and can be used for all sorts of different purposes.

This article is going to talk about 101 ways that you can use Gremlin Names for unusual and unique things!

Curse someone with a Gremlin Name. This will cause the person to have bad luck for life, and their luck will only get worse until they take on a new name!

Gremlin Names are perfect for all sorts of spells! They can be used in warding off or summoning things like ghosts, fairies, demons, zombies..etc. Make your own customized Gremlins that are entirely unique by using names you create yourself. Use them as a password when entering an online account (to keep people from hacking it).

You could even use one as a “secret word” during conversations so no one understands what you’re saying except whoever knows about this game! You could also use the same system in order to send a secret message over Facebook or chat.

Use them as an inside joke with your friends!

You could even rename yourself (or someone else) after one of these unique creatures, which would be fitting for people that enjoy Gremlins and want their name to represent just how weird they are!

The possibilities really are what will you do? Change your life forever by taking on this new identity today! 😉


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