Health6 Easy Resistance Band Training Exercises for Beginners

6 Easy Resistance Band Training Exercises for Beginners

Resistance band training just might be the key to helping you reach your health and fitness goals! They are relatively inexpensive, easy to store, and can be taken anywhere, giving you a great workout anytime, anywhere. Everyone knows that getting and staying in shape can be hard, but something as convenient as resistance bands help make the hard work of exercise a little easier. There are so many benefits to using them, and no matter where you are with your fitness levels, there are resistance bands exercises you can do. Whether you are trying to gain muscle, lose fat, improve flexibility, or are doing rehabilitation, resistance band training is for you. While this article is for beginner movements, all fitness levels can benefit from using these movements. There are always more challenging exercises you can do later as your fitness and strength improve. If you care about your joints and want to stay free of injuries, resistance bands will be your best friend. They provide plenty of muscle stimulus while applying less force on your joints. Below are 6 resistance band exercises that are perfect for beginners and will dramatically increase your physical fitness.

1. Squats

Squats are said to be the king of exercises, and for great reason, they work almost every muscle in your body. If you can do bodyweight squats comfortably, then adding resistance bands will help improve strength in your legs, abdominals, glutes, and back. Start with a light resistance band and only increase resistance when you can easily do squats with the more lightweight band. Using both of your feet at a comfortable distance apart (generally about shoulder width) stand on the resistance band. Then using both hands grab each end of the band and then squat. You can also increase the resistance of the movement by grabbing the band farther down on each side, but if you are grabbing toward the bottom of the band to get more of a challenge, it’s best to go up to a harder resistance band to keep progressing.

2. Shoulder Press

The shoulder press, also called the military press, is a great upper-body movement. Just like with the squat, start with a light band and increase to add resistance as needed, use good form to help keep you from injury with this movement. Perform this exercise by standing on your resistance band. Then grab each side of the band and bring your hands to about your head and with your shoulders pointed out, press your hands straight up until they are both fully extended over your head, and come back down. This can also be done with one arm at a time, instead of grabbing both sides with both hands, just grab the middle of the band with one hand and press.

3. Rows

Rows are a great movement for your back and even work your biceps and forearms as well. Take your band and sit down on the ground, place the band over your feet as the anchor of the resistance, then sitting straight up, pull the band towards you using both hands using a neutral grip. This movement works almost all the back muscles and will help build your back strength and stamina. It is also safer than using free weights because of the less stress on your spine and joints.

4. Bicep Curl

Bicep curls are one of the most straightforward exercises for beginners using resistance bands, just be sure to use a light band to start. Biceps are typically not as strong as your legs and back so won’t be able to use as much force to move the bands. To do a bicep curl using resistance bands, stand with either one or both feet on the band and grab the band at each side. Tuck your elbows into your sides and standing up straight, curl the bands up performing a curl. You can also increase resistance using the same band by using both feet and putting them further apart to make the movement more difficult.

5. Chest Press

The chest press is one of the best movements for upper body strength and endurance and can easily be done using resistance bands. To do this movement, find an anchor point that is sturdy like a poll or door frame, and wrap the band around it at about chest or shoulder height. Then take each side of the band and facing away from the anchor point, press your arms out in front of you. To use more of your chest muscles with this movement, press with your arms spread farther apart, to use slightly more of your arms, press with hands closer to the body.

6. Lateral Shoulder Raises

This movement is great for working your shoulders and even abs, and all you need is your body and a resistance band. This movement requires a light resistance band. Stand on the band using one or both feet and grab each side of the band. Then raise each arm out to your side until they are parallel to the ground then lower your arms and repeat the movement. If you have had shoulder issues, then you can raise halfway up instead of all the way parallel which will take some stress off the shoulders.

Improve Health and Fitness Anywhere Anytime

The movements listed above will work out your entire body, improving strength, flexibility, and stamina. These movements are simple to perform but can be used at any fitness level. Resistance bands are a great portable way to exercise and there are hundreds of other movements that are more difficult such as those in this video that can be done with bands as you become better and more comfortable using them, but the six movements listed above are almost all you need to have a great workout. As the movement gets easier, just use a more difficult band to increase resistance. The sky is the limit for your muscle gains, fat loss, or just all-around health when performing these movements with proper form, plus your joints will be thanking you for using them instead of heavy dumbbells or weight machines.

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