Panda has been playing League of Legends for years, and he is extremely well-versed in the game. He’s played every champion extensively, so you can trust that his tier list is accurate!

This list is in order from highest to lowest. For the purposes of this tier list we’ll be using nicknames that correspond with their position on the alphabet, so A-Tier will be at the top and Z-Tier will be at the bottom. Note that for clarity in description I’ve added a short summary under each champion (in quotes) of why they’re ranked where they are – these summaries should not take up more than a few sentences or introduce new information outside of summarizing what was already said before it. This tier list also assumes you have read my previous posts about League mechanics before reading ahead. If you haven’t yet please go back to the beginning of this series and read over them before continuing.

“Akali is a high mobility assassin who excels at all stages in the game due to her immense burst damage.” “Anivia’s kit revolves around CC’ing enemies with abilities like Glacial Storm or Frostbite while also providing powerful zone control with Crystallize and wall creation through both Wall of Ice for disengage/chasing needs as well as Cryophoenix ultimates.” “Annie relies on an auto attack heavy playstyle that utilizes Tibbers stun combo alongside Molten Shield for added protection in order to keep herself alive in the most dire of situations.” “Aurelion sol has recently been reworked to provide a much needed boost to his power. His kit provides powerful poke and engagement tools for both teamfighting and laning phases, while also being one of few champions that can make use of both shields as which allows him to mix up his playstyle.”

Panda’s Tier List: Highest to Lowest

This is my personal tier list for the keystones. These are largely based on what I’ve learned from playing in multiple ranked solo, duo, and triples queues with friends as well as going through trials each week (I know this isn’t exactly where you will see these champions played but it’ll at least give me some idea of how strong certain ones would be). This list should also reflect synergy/symmetry between team compositions since winning games late game often require teamwork so sometimes an individual champion can have less priority than another if they don’t synergize well with your teammates’ choices. Usually people use numbers or bullet points for this kind of thing but I’m not going to do that and make it a little more interesting.

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Aatrox Aatrox is a champion that excels in the early game, but falls off as the game progresses. If you can snowball him by carrying your lane and dominating teamfights with his ult’s passive heal, he becomes a huge threat to any enemy. He does have some flaws though; while his ultimate is active it drains health from himself instead of dealing damage so if he builds tanky his healing will be reduced. His ultimate also has a high cooldown and is on the shorter end of ultimates, so if he falls behind it’s hard for him to make up ground. ​

Ahri Ahri excels in teamfights due to her mobility and crowd control abilities. She can choose between farming safely with Q or trading aggressively early game by poking opponents down with W+E combos. Her main weakness is being kited as she lacks CC that prevents enemies from running away such as stuns, slows, or taunts.

Akali Akali excels in assassinations as she is able to burst targets down with her Q and then finish them off quickly with either a Q auto+E combo or just an E+auto combo. Her weakness is when the enemy sees her coming; it’s hard for her to get close enough without taking too much damage thanks to CC that counters assassins such as slows, stuns and taunts. This also means that once caught by these spells it becomes extremely difficult for Akali to escape.

Alistar Alistar has the ability to dominate his lane from level one due to his headbutt/pulverize combination which can easily take out any vulnerable champion on your own if they’re to his strong level one W+E combo. His main weakness is that he has a hard time in teamfights and may need to rely on allies for help when initiating the fight due to him being tanky enough only pre-fight but not during, as well as having no CC other than Pulverize which can be avoided with Flash or Cleanse.

Amumu Amumu’s strengths are his global presence thanks to Bandage Toss and Curse of the Sad Mummy along with good lane pushing abilities; however, he lacks mobility unless using Grasping Roots after securing a kill by forcing an opponent into a position where they cannot escape from it such as off of cliff. He also struggles early game against champions who dish out their damage in an area of effect (AoE) such as Anivia or Brand.

Xin Zhao Xin’s strengths are his natural tankiness and mobility from abilities like Three Talon Strike, Battle Cry, Audacious Charge but has little sustain due to having no lifesteal nor any form of crowd control other than Crescent Sweep. He also struggles against champions who excel at kiting him thanks to the distance given by their skillsets with ranged attacks that can’t be countered without using a combination of Sweeping Slash and Wind Becomes Lightning which even then is only effective if timed properly since it does have a delay between uses.


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