What is the best tier list? You’ve probably heard of a “tier list” before, but not all tier lists are created equal. In this blog post, I’ll tell you about my 9.5 tier list and why it’s different from other tier lists that you might have seen on the internet.

The first thing that sets my 9.5 Tier List apart from other such lists is its name: it’s not 10 tiers! While many people like to use this number system for their rankings, there are some issues with using ten tiers as there will always be a top-ranked champion in each category – making every other champion below them feel inferior by comparison. This isn’t fair to the champions who don’t make the top ten and are relegated to the bottom of a “worst champion” list, even if they’re still great champions.

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– Tier S – Champions that you will almost always see at the top end of any game no matter what your skill level is or who your team composition is. These champions can carry games consistently on their own with little help from teammates because they have powerful abilities and/or strong base stats along with scaling well into late game due to good item builds (such as an Infinity Edge).

-Tier A – Champions that excel in multiple areas but aren’t quite consistent enough for Tier S placement. This tier usually includes champions like Akali, Kha’Zix, and Warwick who are strong in the early game but their scaling falls off late game.

-Tier B – Champions that either have decent utility or have a niche role they excel at better than other champions (ex: assassins). These champions usually find themselves somewhere near lane phase and then fall off later on in the game since most of them don’t scale well into late game due to lack of items/powerful abilities. However some of these champions can still carry games if played properly because of their strength during certain points in the match such as Kha’Zix with his isolation damage potential. Having an Akali for example is great because she offers something no one else does while also having good base stats along with powerful

The patch notes are out with the new changes! You can find them on our League of Legends website. They’re looking pretty good, so let’s go through what I think will happen to the meta now and how it might affect different champions:

Darius, Olaf, Renekton – These guys had nerfs and a better top lane matchup in general than before. Darius doesn’t have reliable gap closers anymore which makes him more susceptible for ganks outside his ult range if he uses it too aggressively early game while still being able to get away from tower dives thanks to Crippling Strike protection. There is also less pressure on teamfights because there is no longer any bonus armor shred or damage against low health targets. Olaf’s ult change means that he will have trouble catching up to opponents and his early game is weaker against champions with a lot of sustain or ranged poke damage, but not as much because they usually build tanky items nowadays which lets him use Undertow for some additional burst when the enemy squishes close together in teamfights. Renekton has higher base stats than before so it won’t be hard for him to survive until late game even if he falls behind during laning phase while still being able to get more ahead thanks to increased bonus armor shred on top of bonus attack speed from Frenzy whenever he gets low health.

Diana – She can now last hit minions better by using her passive Crescent Strike at the right position, but other than that her early game is weaker against champions with a lot of sustain or ranged poke damage.

Gangplank – His slow from Parrley helps him land his Qs better and he can use Cannon Barrage to heal in the laning phase when fighting an opponent like Mordekaiser who tries to trade back while being able to get more ahead thanks to increased bonus armor shred on top of bonus attack speed from Powder Keg whenever he gets low health.

Irelia – Her sustained damage is lower because she has less base AD, relies heavily on hitting abilities as opposed to autos which are unreliable at close range fights since they have high CD as well as requiring higher AP ratios for her autos to be worth it.

Jarvan IV – He’s better in the top lane where he can use his Qs more often and as a result get much higher damage output than Irelia, but since he has less base AD his abilities are not nearly as strong against tanky opponents like Shen or Maokai.

Katarina – Her squishy early game is her biggest weakness, having lower overall stats due to scaling off ability power while also losing out on bonus attack speed from Blade of the Ruined King (less effective for close range fights) makes up for this by being able to burst down targets with almost any spell combo she goes with, including Ignite which means she doesn’t have problems finishing off opponents who are close to dying.

Kha’Zix – He’s a stealthy assassin that deals tons of physical damage and has high mobility, but his range is short so he needs to be able to flank enemies with relative ease in order for him not to have any problems until late game where he can use the invisibility from his ult as an escape tool while also dealing more damage than most assassins due to the higher base AD scaling on his q and w.

Kayle – Her early strength lies in her ability because it provides additional stats which help out against lanes she might struggle against like Darius or Riven, but later into the game when other champions will start building lots of armor penetration then this becomes much less of an advantage.

Kennen – The main thing that Kennen has going for him is a very high mobility and the ability to stun people, but his range leaves something to be desired since he needs to get into melee range in order to do damage which puts himself at risk against ranged champions like Caitlyn or Varus.

LeBlanc – With her ult being much longer than most other stealth abilities she can use it as an escape tool so once enemies start carrying more vision wards then this becomes less reliable unless you’re able to make successful plays beforehand on your opponents with Leblanc’s wither+death mark combo.


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