ConnectivityBaby Reindeer: Discovering the Real Martha

Baby Reindeer: Discovering the Real Martha

For those of us who have always been enthralled by the mystique and magic of Santa’s reindeer, the 2019 documentary “Baby Reindeer: Discovering the Real Martha” offers a rare glimpse into the life of Martha, one of the youngest reindeer in Santa’s famous herd. Directed by wildlife filmmaker John Doe, the documentary unravels the heartwarming story of Martha’s journey from a newborn fawn to a fully-grown reindeer, ready to take on her responsibilities as a member of Santa’s team.

The Beginning of Martha’s Story

Martha’s story begins on a snowy winter night in the forests of Lapland, where she was born to her mother, Eve, and father, Comet. From her very first moments, viewers are drawn in by Martha’s playful nature and inquisitive spirit. As she navigates the challenges of growing up in the harsh wilderness, Martha’s bond with her parents and fellow reindeer deepens, setting the stage for her eventual role in Santa’s reindeer team.

The Training Process

One of the most captivating aspects of “Baby Reindeer: Discovering the Real Martha” is the behind-the-scenes look at the rigorous training process that all of Santa’s reindeer must undergo. From learning how to navigate treacherous snow-covered terrain to mastering the art of flying, Martha faces numerous hurdles on her path to becoming a skilled member of the team. Through Doe’s expert storytelling, viewers gain a newfound appreciation for the dedication and hard work that goes into preparing Santa’s reindeer for their important task on Christmas Eve.

Martha’s Special Connection with Santa

As Martha grows older, she develops a special bond with Santa himself. Doe beautifully captures the moments when Martha and Santa interact, showcasing the mutual respect and affection between the two. Viewers get a glimpse of the unique relationship that Santa shares with each of his reindeer, highlighting the trust and camaraderie that define their partnership.

An Inside Look at Santa’s Workshop

In addition to Martha’s personal journey, “Baby Reindeer: Discovering the Real Martha” offers viewers a rare glimpse inside Santa’s workshop. From the bustling elves to the magical toy-making process, the documentary provides an immersive experience into the enchanting world of Christmas. Audiences of all ages will delight in seeing how Santa and his team prepare for the big day, with Martha playing a crucial role in ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

The Grand Finale: Martha’s First Christmas Eve Flight

The climax of the documentary culminates in Martha’s first Christmas Eve flight with Santa and the rest of the reindeer team. As they soar through the night sky, delivering presents to children around the world, Martha’s courage and determination shine through. Watching Martha embrace her role as a member of Santa’s team is a truly awe-inspiring moment that captures the magic of Christmas.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are reindeer real animals?
Yes, reindeer are real animals. They are a species of deer native to Arctic regions and are known for their distinctive antlers and adaptability to cold climates.

2. How many reindeer does Santa have?
According to folklore, Santa has eight reindeer: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen. In some versions, Rudolph is also included as the ninth reindeer with his shiny red nose.

3. How fast can reindeer fly?
While the speed of Santa’s reindeer is often debated, traditional lore suggests that they can fly at speeds up to 1,800 miles per second on Christmas Eve.

4. What do reindeer eat?
Reindeer are herbivores and primarily feed on lichens, mosses, grasses, and shrubs. In captivity, they may also be fed a diet of grains and hay.

5. Do female reindeer have antlers?
Yes, female reindeer can have antlers, although their antlers are typically smaller and less elaborate than those of male reindeer. Female reindeer may also retain their antlers longer than males.


“Baby Reindeer: Discovering the Real Martha” is a heartwarming and magical journey that offers a fresh perspective on the beloved Christmas icon. Through Martha’s story, viewers are reminded of the importance of perseverance, friendship, and embracing one’s true calling. Directed with care and attention to detail, this documentary is sure to captivate audiences of all ages and reignite the wonder and joy of the holiday season.

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