-Tier List Review: In this article, we will be discussing Frontline Tier Lists from a more objective perspective. We’ll take into account the pros and cons of each tier list to help you make an informed decision when playing with your friends! The following is just one opinion on how you should rank these units in terms of their power.

Pros: -These lists aim to provide consistent evaluation of all frontline girls characters (which means that some stronger Girls are ranked lower than others). Furthermore, they do not show favouritism for a character or type. Finally, they’re always up-to-date with the latest patch changes which can’t be said about other tier lists available online. Cons: -The downside is that it’s difficult to tell if this list is biased or not (e.g. due to regional differences in gameplay)

The lists have been broken down into tiers, with each one being ranked higher than the last:

Tier S: -Girls that are immensely powerful and can easily decimate enemies within seconds of deployment. Tier A+: Girls that will stand toe-to-toe against the opponents but might not always win without a significant amount of effort involved on their part. These units need more time for cooldowns between engagements so as to maintain peak efficiency across multiple fronts while still successfully handling any opposing force they encounter along the way or else risk exhaustion when it comes to fighting successive battles consecutively with little pause in between them. Tier without any issues; the longer you take with this process of preparation, the bigger advantage you’ll have when it comes down to fighting your enemies.

Tier B-: This tier is reserved for those units that still maintain an A rank status, but only due their lack of versatility or strength in certain areas which might make them less desirable to use depending on how much damage needs done quickly because these girls excel at producing high levels of sustained damage over long periods of time instead. Certain exceptions exist where a unit may not belong here, but instead in Tier A.

Tier C-: This tier is reserved for those units that are B rank status, but have a few weaknesses which make them less desirable to use as they’re not able to produce nearly the amount of damage or other forms of utility an A ranked unit can. These girls might excel at certain tasks and roles significantly better than others, such as scouting missions where stealth is key; however these exceptions do not change their overall ranking within this group. Units found here should still be used when necessary because it’s unlikely any will drop down into the D ranks due to how much more effective they’ll be compared to anything below them on this list thanks largely in part from their higher level stats.

This tier list does not include the girls who were either A rank or unranked.

Tier: B Rank

Unit Name: Hilde

Reasoning for Ranking: Hilde is one of the few scouts in the game with a high concealment stat, which means she can easily sneak around to find enemies without being seen herself as long as her health holds up; however since it’s lower than most other units on this list and she has no way to recover HP by attacking, there are likely better options available if you want someone else who could still perform both scouting and fighting tasks. She also doesn’t have any offensive skills outside of having very low base attack stats so even though her experience gain rate is competitive with other units within this tier, she’s not a strong option.

Unit Name: Annette

Reasoning for Ranking: Annette is the only medic in this tier and thus it would make sense to have her on hand if you plan on healing your other units at any point; however when compared with some of the B- rank scouts, there are better choices available who can do either scouting or fighting – which means that unless you’re going solo all of the time then Annette may be more trouble than she’s worth. She also has low base attack stats so even though her experience gain rate is competitive with other units within this tier, she won’t see much progress as an attacking unit until around Rank A or higher due to how slow leveling up is early on in the game.

Pros: Good base stats for a medic; fast experience gain rate so she can be useful earlier as long as you’re not needing her to fight too often

Cons: Low attack power and low move speed, which make it difficult for Annette to deal much damage or get out of sticky situations easily. She’s also the only available Medic at this tier so if your other unit needs healing then there will need to be another person dedicated solely towards that role – or having more than one Annette with different abilities instead (or leveling up enough units).

Felt like writing some Tier Lists! I’m going through each rank of girls frontline and giving my thoughts on what the best options are at that level.

Tier S:

Sylvia, Claire (T), Astrid, Shizuka

Pros: Sylvia and her high HP combined with tons of defense make her an amazingly strong unit to use in the early game. She can also be used as a tank late into the game for when you need that extra bit of damage reduction while still maintaining some healing power thanks to her self-healing abilities. Her huge range is amazing too since she can shoot from about two screens away! If you’re looking for someone who can take on enemies solo, then she is perfect for those types of situations where your other units are getting stuck or waiting at their base. Speaking of which..while she doesn’t have any direct healing abilities, she does have a damage reduction skill called ‘Reduce Range’ which is perfect for defending your base.

Cons: While Sylvia’s range and self-healing ability make her great for defense, it’s not as good on offense because of the short distance between herself and the enemy unit. She also doesn’t really deal that much direct damage unless you use her skills to buff another teammate. If all else fails, Sylvia can always just fly away if there are too many enemies! They will be stuck in one place while she fires at them from afar with a gun weapon or wanders off to find easier prey elsewhere..she moves very fast after all!

woman, portrait, makeup @ Pixabay

Eleanor, Muasya, Sylvia. (tier list will be updated as more information is released) ..Liese and Thalia are currently the only two girls in this tier that can heal other teammates while they’re fighting enemies on the frontline but their healing capabilities are nowhere near as strong as Eleanor’s or Eva’s. They also have less range than Evelynn which makes them a bit harder to use at higher levels of play..they do however have extremely powerful skills with high cooldowns so it doesn’t matter if you don’t see much action for a few minutes because when your turn comes up again, you’ll dominate!

Amber has been added to Tier B+ as of the 11/16 update. Tier C: Diana, Yuka (tier list will be updated as more information is released) ..Yuka is one of my favorite frontline girls because she moves and shoots very fast which makes her a good choice for those who like to move around quickly in fights but there are other frontliners with much higher damage output so it’s hard to keep up with enemies that have high HP..Diana on the other hand has low mobility but can still dish out quite a bit of damage if you play your cards right! It’s really all about how well you’re able to manage their skills and use their strengths at just the right time. You’ll also want them fighting from


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