A Water-Tite Tub Box is a piece of equipment that creates a space for bathtub drains and traps in concrete slab foundations. It forms a waterproof cavity where pipes can be inserted, and then the bathtub trap can be connected to the drain system. These tub boxes are available in small, large, and heavy-duty models and have pipe knockouts for 1-1/2” or 2-inch pipes. You can choose whichever model you need, and they are designed to fit any size bathtub.

ribs 190 on the bottom and sides of the tub box 100

The ribs 190 on the bottom and sidewalls of the Water-Tite tub box are critical to the strength of the waterproof tub box. The ribs will also keep water from flowing inside the tub box 100.

They have raised parallel ribs 190 along the perimeter walls and bottom surface of the Water-Tite tub box. These ribs act as buffers and strengtheners to help keep water from seeping inside the tub box 100. The tub box 100 may also include a rear wall portion 140 that includes rear pipe leg couplings 142 and 148. These ribs help keep the rear pipe legs 301 and prevent water from penetrating the tub box 100.

The ribs can be wrapped in aluminum foil to slow the internal temperature increase. This process is known as the 3-2-1 method and involves cooking the ribs for three hours bare, two hours wrapped in foil, and one hour without the wrap. However, this method is only a guideline. The meat should be cooked until it reaches 195 degF.

A tub box 100 includes two seals 700. These seals provide extra water sealing. The outer wall number 440 can be shaped to extend downward and may also have concentric lower ridges 460. The flat ring 440 can be angled upward or horizontally. The upper and lower ridges are positioned at the bottom and provide additional protection from water.

The tub box 100 is typically made of an open box shape. Floor 150 may be smaller than the front and rear walls. The side walls may be wedge-shaped. A trough-type gutter 160 can be positioned around the perimeter of the front and side walls, extending beyond the top edges of the walls.

Fire stop ring 520

The 3M(tm) Fire Barrier Cast-In Tub Box Assemblies are an affordable, easy-to-install firestop solution. They are part of 3M’s comprehensive line of fire protection products. Whether you need a tub box to protect an industrial or commercial space, these cast-in assemblies will meet all your firestop requirements.

A fire stop ring 520 is an integral part of the Water-Tite Tub Box assembly. Its ring-shaped construction has bendable prongs extending upward from the ring’s center portion. This material will expand in response to a fire’s heat, blocking the fire’s spread to the entire base.

A fire stop ring 520 can be part of a firestop assembly 500. It includes upwardly-protruding bendable tabs that can wrap around a cylindrical fire stop material 600. This material is a thermoplastic that will expand in the presence of heat and fire. Significant expansion occurs when the material reaches 555° F.

Water barrier lower seal member 400 is a resilient and pliable material. It can be attached to an outer concentric wall member 430 or an upper roof edge 420. It can also be wrapped around the raised circumferential edge 222 inside wall lower base 220.

Two seals 700

A Water-Tite Tub Box is a product that creates a space in a concrete slab foundation for a tub trap and drains. Made of injection-molded high-impact plastic, it forms a waterproof cavity inside the concrete, allowing a trap to be connected to the drain system. There are three sizes available, ranging from small to heavy-duty. The boxes feature adjustable pipe knockouts that accept 1-1/2-inch pipes. Unlike other tub traps, they do not have pre-spaced knockout locations, so you must choose the exact location for your drain and trap installation.

Lower seal 400

The Water-Tite Tub Box from IPS Corporation is a plumbing accessory designed to make tub traps and drains accessible in slab foundations. It’s an injection-molded high-impact plastic box that forms a waterproof cavity in the concrete, allowing you to connect the trap to a drain system. The water-tight seals allow for 1-1/2-inch pipe to pass through. It is available in heavy-duty and large models. Each model features three preset knockout locations to accommodate the tub drain.

Base extending downward from the tub’s opening

A base extending downward from the tub’s opening is a great way to keep water out of the tub. It’s also easy to install. First, calculate how many tiles you need to complete the base. If you have a partial tile at the opening, you can adjust it so that the entire tile extends down to the opening or use a larger tile at the top.

For some installations, two panels may be sufficient. In that case, the panels may be hinged together. The hinges may be positioned adjacent to the panels. The panels are typically lined with tile or other waterproof material. The front wall of the tub may also be integral. A folding closure 6 may protect the base and prevent splashing from the front edge of the tub.



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