The only two things you need to know about reddit top minds are that there’s a lot of redditors, and they’re all interesting. They might not be the most popular users on the site – those distinction belong to celebrities with their own dedicated subreddits (hello, Tom Hanks) – but these folks consistently post quality content year-round.

success, curve, arrow @ Pixabay

You’ll find them in /r/askscience or answering tough questions from other curious people in /r/IAmA. For more intellectual stimulation, your best bet is to browse through some of our favorite posts from 2015: “What happens when we die?”; “My daughter has just been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.”; “Why does time seem slower as I get older?”; “What is the relationship between science and religion?”

The most popular post of all time on reddit: A man asks a question about his daughter’s autism diagnosis, gets an answer from someone who has also experienced this. He posts it to /r/pics with no title or description–it goes viral instantly with over 40 million views in just six days.


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