It’s time to talk about the most important thing in Super Mario Party: Tiers. What are tiers? Well, they’re a ranking system for how good characters or players are in competitive games.

In this blog post, we’ll rank all of the playable characters in Super Mario Party from worst to best and make some predictions on where each character ranks at tournaments.

We’re ranking the playable characters in Super Mario Party from worst to best and making predictions on where each character ranks at tournaments. The bottom of the list isn’t very good, so if you’d like a more detailed explanation for why some of these are ranked as they are, please read below!

This is just one opinion based on competitive experiences with other players who play Super Mario Party. If you have different thoughts or opinions about this tier list, let us know in the comments section! ~~ This blog post will be updated regularly when new content comes out for Super Mario Party.

– Bowser Jr: Bowser Jr has average stats across all categories except his luck stat which leaves him with two dice blocks instead of one. The first die block has the same odds as other characters, but when you use his second dice block, he’ll have a 50% chance of rolling either two or three stars which is pretty good!

– Toad: His stats are below average and his special ability only allows him to wear headgear for half of the game at most. He also can’t stack any items on top of each other like some other characters can so it’s tough to get bonuses with this character. ~~This rank could change if more content comes out in future updates! But right now he’s ranked #26 because there isn’t much room for improvement without some help from powerups.

– Luigi: Luigi is another character that doesn’t have many noteworthy abilities. His special ability only selects one item at a time from the group of items on display, which is confusing to use since he can’t see what’s in his hand until after he plays it.

– Yoshi: Like Toad, Yoshi doesn’t get any bonuses for stacking anything and also shares low stats with fellow teammate Mario (and Luigi). He does have some neat things such as being able to stack a second hat if you pick up an additional headgear while wearing one or getting more dice blocks than most other characters when rolling two dice instead of one,But this isn’t enough to give him a higher rank so he remains #32 on our list!

– Wario: Wario has decent luck but he has the worst dice roll in any game where you are required to make your own decisions. Wario’s special ability is nothing more than a chance at an extra turn, but he can only do this once per day and his stats are below average so he ends up being fairly useless which means that #33 seems like a good place for him on our list!

– Diddy Kong: Diddy Kong is actually one of the better players considering his decent luck and above average specials; ~~but because he doesn’t have anything else going for him (such as stacking skills) we ranked him at number 34 on our list. Why not rank higher? Well, Yoshi shares many of these same attributes which makes it hard to justify giving Diddy Kong a higher rank.

– Yoshi: He’s got decent luck, and he has the highest dice roll in any game where you are required to make your own decisions; but because his special is also just an extra turn (albeit one that lasts for three turns) we ranked him at number 35 on our list. Why not rank lower? Well, Sonic shares many of these same attributes which makes it hard to justify giving Yoshi a lower rank elsewhere on this tier list!

– Wario: His stats are really bad but he does have decent luck–it’s better than Waluigi or Donkey Kong whom share those exact same traits with absolutely no other redeeming qualities past their average stat rolls; ~~so we ranked him at number 32 on our list.

– Waluigi: He has the worst average dice roll in any game where you have to make your own decisions and his special is just an extra turn which lasts for two turns–we think that this gives Mario Party players who don’t like using items the best chance of success with said character so we ranked him as the 28th best character out of 48 total playable characters in Super Mario Party! The only other thing going for Waluigi? Well, he’s tall, making it easier when trying to hit blocks or other players on the board with a hammer throw.

– Toadette: She is only playable in Super Mario Party when you are using her amiibo card, otherwise she can’t be used as an AI player or if someone has her amiibo and chooses to play as them! That being said, this is one of the most annoying characters in all of Mario Party because they have no defense against items so it’s best to keep your distance from anyone who might use something on you. We ranked her 47th out of 48 total playable characters (she was tied for last place) because that really just seems fair.

-Mario: One of the least interesting characters in all of Super Mario Party, and he is ranked at 15th place. He has some good speed which helps him get to other players quickly on the board but his jump isn’t very high so it’s easier for others to reach you from higher ground or use items against you when they’re up there–so we recommend staying near the middle of a room if possible when playing as this guy. Overall, not too terrible..

Next up is Princess Peach!: This woman is pretty mediocre because she has no real strengths or weaknesses that would make her stand out compared to any other player in Super Mario Party ~~her throw curve ball can be difficult for opponents to catch, but her other stats are lacking.


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