Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and with good reason!

The country has an almost endless supply of delicious foods that are sure to please any traveler’s palate. From sweet desserts to spicy curries, Thai cuisine offers something for everyone. In this blog post, we will explore 10 best thai foods that you should try while visiting Thailand.

The first dish on our list is the Thai classic, Pad Thai. This yummy noodle dish consists of stir fried rice noodles with eggs and your choice of meat or tofu served with bean sprouts, chives, peanuts, tamarind sauce and lime wedges. While you may not be familiar with many other dishes in Thailand before visiting this country (except for maybe curry), odds are that if you’ve been to a decent restaurant anywhere else in Southeast Asia then you should recognize Pad Thai by sight alone! The sweet tangy taste will make it one of your favorite things about traveling through Thailand as well.

If nothing could convince someone to visit Thailand except for their incredible food than they would have to try the Pad Thai.

This dish is usually made with rice noodles, eggs and your choice of meat or tofu. The flavor comes from tamarind sauce and lime wedges. These ingredients are mixed together in a sweet tangy taste that everyone loves!

The next food on our list is Tom Yum soup which features hot and sour flavors blended into a broth containing mushrooms, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves (which provide it’s distinctive citrus smell), galangal (a type of ginger) and tomatoes for sweetness. This soup has an incredible depth to it as well as heat so if you’re not used to spicier foods this may be too much for you but we recommend giving it a chance!

The next dish we’re going to talk about is an interesting one. It’s called Moo Sateh and it features chunks of grilled beef, rice noodles, cucumber slices in soy sauce which gives it a sweet salty taste that goes perfectly with the side sauces like spicy peanut sauce or chili pepper if you want some spice! This dish has a lot more flavor than just being your standard meat over noodles but don’t worry there are plenty of other dishes for those people who prefer something milder.

We can’t forget about Thai curries either because they have so many different varieties to choose from! Some popular ones include green and red curry as well as Panang curry. They all come served with yellow coconut milk and kaffir lime leaves.

The last dish is something that I think people should try because it’s one of my favorites and it may be yours too! It’s called Khao Pad Moo โรตา, which means fried rice with pork. This dish has a lot more flavor than your regular old white or brown rice but don’t worry there are plenty of other dishes for those who prefer something milder like plain rice.

You can find Thai food at any grocery store where they carry Asian ingredients so go out and get some today to see what you’ve been missing out on all this time! Don’t forget how important their hot sauce comes as well because we would never want our food to be bland and boring.

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The first thing you should know is that there are a lot of different types of dishes to try. They all come served with yellow coconut milk and kaffir lime leaves. . There’s even some white rice in between if you’re not too adventurous for your taste buds but it can be found anywhere from an Asian grocery store or at your local mall as well when they carry these foods for their customers who want something more than just generic fast food like McDonalds or Burger King. To learn more about what to eat while visiting Thailand and why people love eating here so much, please read my other blog post which talks all about what to do when visiting Thailand.

The first dish on the list is called Khao Soi, which is a type of curry noodle soup with either chicken or beef for protein and also served with pickled cabbage along with some lime wedges to add that extra kick of flavor. This particular meal can be found at any Thai restaurant in America but it’s not really famous in other countries outside of Asia because they don’t have this kind of food anywhere else as far as I know.

– Another one worth mentioning are these spicy deep fried soft shell crab rolls which you can find on almost every menu around the world so if you’re looking for something easy to eat then go ahead and order those ones! You usually need to be cautious when ordering any type of seafood because it’s easy to get sick from something that was not caught or harvested properly so make sure you’re careful with this one.

One last dish I want to mention is the Pad Thai which is a spicy stir fried noodles dish made up of rice noodles, egg and tofu for protein along with tamarind sauce. There are many different versions but usually all end up being served in some type of noodle form so if you find yourself craving Asian food then go ahead and try that!

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