Rust converters are a must-have if you’ve got an old car in the garage that needs some TLC.

You can use them to remove rust from metal and other surfaces, but they also have a lot of other uses around the house, too. Here are 9 products I love using for my home or on my vehicle!

Off the shelf rust converters are a simple way to remove surface rust. If you’ve got an old lawnmower, tools or just about anything metal that needs some TLC, this is your product! It will also work on concrete and most other surfaces around the house as well. You can find it easily in any hardware store or even online for cheap prices I recommend, rustoleum brand products because they have great customer service and typically don’t use solvents in their formulations which means less toxic fumes if you’re going to be using it indoors.

I always like to keep a spray bottle of vinegar handy when I’m working with rusty items too – not only does it help clean off dirt but it also neutralizes the rust. You can find vinegar in most grocery stores and it’s cheap!

Covers for your air filter are a great idea if you have pets, kids or anything else that might be messing with them on a regular basis. We’d recommend spraying these generously with WD40 before putting them back in place because this will help to prevent future build up of dirt and grime over time which is what causes filters to stop working efficiently (in addition to clogging). If there was one item I wished we would’ve had more readily available when I worked as an automotive technician, it would’ve been covers for our air filters – they rarely came pre-installed from the manufacturer but anyone who has ever owned a car knows

Rust-Oleum® Rust Reformer™ from The Home Depot: $12.97 What I like best about this particular converter is how it’s formulated to transform new or existing rust into a surface that can be painted over! It creates an oil and water resistant barrier on top of the metal, so no more worries about the paint peeling off when you start driving raindrops your way.

Lenzoil ® Metal Coating & Protectant with PTFE from Amazon : $11.01 This coating not only protects against corrosion but also keeps surfaces looking their absolute prettiest because it polishes as well! So if your car has been subjected to all kinds of mucky mud and dirt, this is the way to go.

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Rust-Oleum® Rust Converter™ from The Home Depot: $12.97 This little package of magic comes with one quart of converter and a brush applicator for easy use, so you can buy it as a refill or replacement if yours has dried out. It’s also available in five gallon capacity – enough to cover your whole car!* *

Lenzoil ® High Performance Metal Coating & Protectant with PTFE from Amazon : $22.00 If there are any deep scratches on your exterior metal surface that need filling first, then this coating will do the trick. But don’t worry about its durability because it provides long-lasting protection against rust and corrosion.

Black Magic™ Rust Converter from Autozone: $12.99 The next time you’re looking for a more affordable option, go with this product – it’s less than half the price of some other popular brands.

Rust-Oleum® Heavy Duty Blacktop Coating Sprayer Tank (Flexible Hose) from Lowe’s: $19.97 This is perfect if your car has spent too much time in the sun or on rough terrain because its tough surface provides maximum durability and UV resistance.

I love cars just like you do.. but I can’t stand seeing them get rusty from all of my driving around! So when it comes time to restore your car’s finish or give it a new one altogether, these are definitely items worth considering: These sentences list potential customers before listing their needs.

-Minwax® Wood Finish™ Clear Semi Gloss Polyurethane for Floors, 12 oz. canister of finish or varnish: This product is best used when the floor has already been stripped down to bare wood but still needs protection from water damage. It’s also perfect for floors that will be exposed to high levels of humidity like bathrooms or kitchens.


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