It’s the year 2020 and we’re going to tell you what are the top 25 products of tomorrow, today.

1) Tablet (Android or Apple) – these devices have become just as popular as laptops when used for a variety of tasks from emailing to reading books. The tablets will continue to replace laptops in many households with their small size, light weight and long battery life.

2) Virtual Reality Headset – this affordable device has been around since 2017 but it is only recently that it’s becoming widely available and affordable for consumers. This headset offers an immersive experience into virtual worlds that can be enjoyed by all ages!

Other Product Ideas:

Robot Vacuum (Automatic robot that will clean your house while you’re still there)

AR Glasses for Kids – this device would allow kids to experience augmented worlds which are animated and interactive. It also has the potential to teach them basic programming skills in a fun way!

VR Pens or Marker, so people can paint with virtual reality by drawing on paper using these pens or markers. The result is an immersive painting of their creation!

Smart Bike Lock – lock up all types of bikes from standard bicycles to electric ones without keys thanks to Bluetooth technology integrated into the bike locks themselves. You’ll never have trouble locking your bike again!


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