What Happens Spiritually When You Sleep With Someone: Spiritual issues with sex include the consequences of intimacy, such as feeling guilty or ashamed for what you’ve done, being reminded that other people are hurting because of your sin (especially if it’s a violation against another person), having an affair and not just falling in love but instead moving on to someone who is unavailable and unable to be there emotionally when things get tough. Sex can also lead to increased promiscuity due to lower self-esteem after breaking one moral boundary.

The spiritual affects continue into our interactions with others by either seeing them differently now (“I’m spiritually naked,” writes author John Bevere) or looking at their reactions toward us any different based on how we view them.

The spiritual affects continue into our interactions with others by either seeing them differently now (“I’m spiritually naked,” writes author John Bevere) or looking at their reactions toward us any different based on how we view them. In this way, sexual intimacy is a spiritual issue that has eternal consequences for both the victim and perpetrator of sin. How can you see sex as something more than just an act? One possible solution (perhaps not one people would like to hear!) is abstinence because it will help maintain your purity before marriage while also saving yourself from potential brokenness in life after having sex with someone who isn’t committed to you.

A suggestion if you’re struggling: talk about what’s going on inside your head when considering whether to have sex with someone. Sometimes we just need to get our thoughts out of the way so that we can make decisions in line with what’s right for us, not only spiritually but also mentally and physically. If you’re struggling internally, maybe take some time off from being sexually active or explore your intimacy needs through other ways (like touching) before making a decision about whether you want to engage in sexual activity with this particular person.

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Maintaining purity before marriage is one solution because it will help both the victim and perpetrator of sin see sex as something more than an act; abstention could save yourself from potential brokenness later on when considering if they are committed to you or not. Thinking about what you want to say and do beforehand, so it doesn’t end up being a spur-of-the moment thing is also more helpful.

You can get tested for STDs before you have sex with someone too; if the person says they’re clean but don’t believe them then go ahead and test yourself because your health should be priority number one. And remember that just because all of these things are important doesn’t mean you won’t make mistakes! We’re human after all and we will sin no matter what we try to do in life or how hard we try not to.

Whether purity during marriage was an option or not, God has given us wisdom on this issue: “Flee from sexual immorality.” (I Corinthians) God’s word is eternal and never changes, so the rules for sex before marriage are still in effect today. Relationships should be built on deep spiritual connections not just physical ones; keep that in mind when you’re making decisions about your relationships- would this person make a good spouse? You’ll want to know them really well if they do!

Thinking ahead of time can help you avoid those emotions. If there’s no commitment from either side but it was great while it lasted then don’t worry too much because even though we may feel something new with someone else, eventually these feelings will die down and go away. And always remember: each person has their own responsibility within the relationship and what happens spiritually when you sleep with someone is a two-way street.

Nowadays, many people are divorcing after only one year of marriage and then they’re getting married again in hopes of having the “happily ever after” story that we see in fairy tales. You might also find yourself saying “I do” to someone you just met or even have an emotional affair with your best friend’s ex! These things happen all the time but it doesn’t mean they should become our reality. It may sound cliché, but true love takes hard work from both sides and sleeping together before marriage can sometimes be misleading because there’s no commitment on either side (and those emotions will never last). Just remember: every relationship has its own responsibilities so what happens spiritually when you sleep with someone?

The first thing that happens is a spiritual bond. That means the two of you are now tied to one another in some way and it’s not always good, especially if this person was your best friend’s ex or maybe even an acquaintance from work. The second thing that happens is emotions which can lead to something more serious like adultery. You might be feeling really close and then next day he starts acting distant so what happened spiritually when you slept together before marriage? Well, there could have been emotional attachments as well but whether they’ll last or not depends on how committed both people are towards each other.


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