Do you have a blog? If so, then you should be sharing links to your posts on social media sites.

This post will give you the tools to create the perfect share template with just a few clicks of your mouse. All you need to do is download our templates from the link at the bottom of this post and use them when selecting “share template link” in your dashboard!

This post will teach you how to create the perfect social media share template. All you need is a few minutes and our templates! You can download them at the bottom of this page or by clicking “share” in your dashboard after signing up (if not already signed up). It’s quick, easy, and free with these downloadable tools for bloggers.

In order to quickly find your blog posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and other sites that require a link as well as Tumblr when using fixed-width layouts like WordPress themes Twenty Nineteen Pro or GeneratePress – use one of the following:

A) For Google Chrome users only please note that all photos must be saved in .png format

B) For all other browsers please note that all photos must be saved in .jpg format

C) For Tumblr users only: use this template with the “link to” option and replace “” with your blog’s URL (e.g., Do not include any hyperlinks or formatting as these will not work on tumblr, which is a linkless blogging platform! You can also upload an image of you holding up a sign if desired for maximum visibility! [click here]

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z | 0 # _ + p =

Maintaining your blog can be a lot of work. You may need to update it often, post ads on Facebook or Instagram and more!

But the rewards are well worth the time spent – you get to share what you love with people all over the world in an engaging way that builds relationships. With social media being such a popular form of communication these days, getting creative with your content is key if you want to grow your following and have them engage back! Luckily for bloggers like us there are some great tools out there which make this process as easy as possible: website templates. These beautiful designs allow creatives who run blogs to customize their home page by adding images (including those from major stock photography sites) banners, links, and more.

Figuring out which template is the best for your blog can be a tough decision, but we’ve narrowed it down to five of our favorites! Check them out below:

Basic Blogger Template (free!)

Suitcase Fashion Blog Theme ($49)

Blog by Gerard Design ($55)

Amelia Creative – Traveler’s Log Theme ($65)


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