Women are bigger tumblr users than men. If you’re not sure which type of demographic to focus on, then targeting women is your best bet.

This article will teach you how to effectively reach this audience and help increase conversions for your business!

Gain More Followers: Women are more likely to follow brands on Tumblr than men. One way you can increase the number of followers is by making your account as public as possible. Even if it’s not public, women will still see and like what you post so that they can share with their friends! The social media site also has a “following” button under every user’s profile which makes following them super easy.

Establish Your Brand: If you have an ecommerce store then this article will be especially helpful for you since tumblr users love shopping online too! You’ll need to create an interesting blog post or story in order to attract people who may find your brand attractive for purchase. Then all someone needs to do is click the “shop” button.

Add A Contest: advertising on tumblr can be inexpensive and easy to do, but only if you’re willing to put in some hard work first!

You’ll need a creative, compelling post that will lead people into your contest. Don’t forget about tagging other artists or brands who may wish to promote it for you either. Tumblr contests are great because all participants have an equal chance of winning as long as they follow the rules established by the creator – there’s no limit too!

Attract Potential Customers: The most important thing when attracting potential customers with social media is consistency – since people like seeing new content regularly so they know what their coming back for next time! If your posts are lackluster or too spaced out, then you’ll risk losing your following.

Encourage Brand Loyalty: When generating brand loyalty it’s important to create a community and make people feel like they’re part of something bigger than themselves – whether that means providing exclusive content, running contests, asking for feedback on future products, etc.

Doing so will not only generate more excitement but also keep them coming back again and again!

Setting Up Tumblr: Setting up tumblr is very simple as long as you have an email address (though beware the spam!) Once you’ve done that just head over to their sign-up page where there are instructions about how to set up your blog in less time than it takes some other platforms offer! You don’t need to know any code either, just type in the content you want and voila!

Building Your Tumblr: Once you’ve set up your blog it’s time to start building traffic. One way is by asking for help from friends or family members who are interested in what you’re doing – they can share your posts with their following which will lead them back to yours and grow one another’s followers. Another option is creating a hashtag that people might recognize as being popular on tumblr (like #MotivationMonday) where users could post pictures/text about how they got through the week or live life with passion. This helps introduce new ideas and images while also providing an easy resource for others looking for inspiration!

Growing Your Blog: Once you have a large following, it’s time to start thinking about how to monetize your blog.

There are many ways that tumblr blogs can make money – one of the easiest is through sponsored posts which means you’d be paid for anything from promoting products on social media sites or even just displaying them in photos! You could also sell merchandise like phone cases with text printed on the back and take commission on any sales made through links on your site.

Alternatively, if you’re not looking for cash but want some freebies then consider getting sponsorships for giveaways where they’ll provide items as prizes (think companies like Amazon).With this option, all someone has to do is comment “enter me” below this post/on my page and they’re automatically entered to win. Both of these options are great for tumblr users as it doesn’t cost the blogger anything other than their time and effort to maintain a blog plus give back to the community by running giveaways that people can enter into.

Another way you can make money is through affiliate marketing which allows bloggers who use specific links in posts or images (for example, an Amazon link) when they mention certain products, companies will pay them commission on any sales made from this product/items. Unlike sponsored posts where someone has to actively click on your post before something happens, with affiliate marketing if you put up a picture of lipstick then your readers might go straight onto amazon and buy it without clicking first!

Some popular companies to work with on affiliate marketing (in no particular order) are: Walmart, Amazon, Target.

I know that this is not always easy as it can be a lot of hard work and you don’t want to risk your reputation by recommending something for money! But I think the pros outweigh the cons if done right

There’s no way to tell what demographic you’re pitching to. You might be speaking about a product but it could just as well not apply at all. The problem is that there are so many blogs on tumblr, and they can’t all represent one specific type of people. So if you want your blog post to show up in the right places, try targeting an audience with clear interests (a lot of people!). If not, make sure the content speaks for itself without worrying too much about demographics!

*Targeting Blog Post – Long Form Content: Not Sure Which Demographic You’re Pitching To? Women Are Bigger Tumblr.*

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When women are bigger tumblr, pros outweigh the cons when done right.

There’s no way to tell what demographic you’re pitching to, but if you know your audience well then it shouldn’t be too hard. If not, make sure that your content speaks for itself without worrying about demographics as much! The problem is that there are so many blogs on tumblr and they can’t all represent one specific type of people – especially since tumblr has a lot of different interests/niches which overlap quite a bit in some cases (for example; fashion bloggers mostly use makeup tutorials or shopping posts) and don’t often have specific interests within their niche alone (like someone who consistently only talks about beauty tips). This blog post talks about the importance of knowing your audience well, as well as content that speaks for itself without focusing on demographics. Demographics are important in marketing because they can help you determine which products to focus on and who might be interested in them – but tumblr doesn’t just have one demographic. The pro is that when done right it’ll make reaching a more diverse group easier; this allows companies to reach customers outside of their target population (like women). The con is there’s no way tell what demographic you’re pitching to so if not done correctly may end up with an unsuccessful campaign! You want people from any kind of gender or race to see your product/topic-related posts often enough that they feel like it’s


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