An amateur club from the north of England insists it belongs to Scotland. The reasoning behind this curious claim is almost 900 years old. But why does the club want to be Scottish at all costs? Use the live betting and bet on any team, regardless of their self-identification.

It is widely known that the English and the Scots are often not on particularly good terms. And while Scottish politicians, partly because of Brexit, want to initiate another independence referendum to say goodbye to the United Kingdom, the kickers of the English amateur club Doncaster City FC now want to become Scottish. The reasoning is curious and almost 900 years old.

Doncaster is located not far from Sheffield in the English county of Yorkshire. It is about 250 kilometers from Doncaster to the Scottish border. Doncaster is thus not located in the heart of the country, but it is still clearly on English territory.

Amateur club invokes almost 900-year-old agreement

However, the amateur club Doncaster City FC, which was only founded in 2022, sees things completely differently and insists that the city of Doncaster belongs to Scotland.

Luke Van Dome, a spokesman for the ambitious English 13th division club, claims this geographical fact in the Scottish Daily Record.

Say what? Chelsea bosses with a bizarre proposal to Tuchel?

“We have established that our club is actually based in Scotland,” Van Dome told the Scottish tabloid. To back up that thesis, Van Dome points to an agreement made nearly 900 years ago between then-English King Stephen and erstwhile Scottish King David I.

In the so-called “Treaty of Durham,” Doncaster was recognized as part of Scotland in 1136 and the city has not been returned to England since then.

Doncaster City FC desperate to compete in the cup

But why does Doncaster City FC want to be part of Scotland? Well, there are sporting reasons for this, because the club from the 13th English league wants to take part in a nationwide cup competition as soon as possible to raise its profile as a result.

However, to participate in the English FA Cup, Doncaster City FC would have to be promoted at least four times beforehand, because, in the English Cup, participation is theoretically only possible from the ninth league onwards.


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