The question of what is normal has been asked for centuries. It’s a simple question that can have many different answers depending on your perspective and experience in life. But the one thing that we all seem to agree on, is that no matter who you are, there will always be someone out there who calls you “weird.” Some people embrace their individuality while others try desperately to fit in with the crowd. This article looks at why some people can’t just be normal and how it affects them as they grow up.

The following are some of the reasons that someone might not want to be “normal.”

Some people have mental health disorders. For these individuals, they need a certain routine in order for them to function properly and can’t cope with change or anything outside their norm.

Some people simply don’t like being confined by society’s expectations on how one should act and think. They’re just doing what makes them happy while ignoring societal norms (or at least trying.)

Others may feel as though it is impossible to conform because they’ve been bullied so much throughout life – sometimes physically or sexually assaulted which has caused deep emotional scarring from lack of acceptance from others. In this case, rebelling against conformity seems best for survival.

Society as a whole has developed certain expectations for how one should act based on gender, race, economic status, class (etc).

When someone doesn’t conform to these norms they are made into an “other” or ostracized by society. Often times the individual who is not conforming will be told that if they were normal then this would never happen to them and their problems wouldn’t exist in the first place.

This idea of conformity being inherently good may seem logical at first glance but it’s simply untrue when you think about all of the different kinds of people there are in the world and what makes each person truly happy – which really isn’t any kind of behavioral normality because every person is different.

The society we live in is a bit of an unspoken contract: you conform and stay within the boundaries so that everyone can get along, but people who are different need to be tolerated at best or outright discriminated against if it’s deemed necessary.

This entire system just doesn’t seem fair when you think about all of its negative impacts on both those who fit into these norms and those who don’t – which most often leads towards mental health issues for anyone not considered “normal” by society.

What I want to know is why can’t we be more accepting?

Why can’t we accept others as they are instead of trying to force them into someone else’s idea of normalcy? And finally, why do some people seem to think it’s okay to be discriminatory towards those who are different?

Being normal doesn’t mean you’re living life on easy mode. It just means that society has deemed your presence and actions relatively acceptable because they fall in line with what we’ve come to view as “normal.”

And yet, there seems to be a big discrepancy between being considered by society as “normal” vs. feeling like you can live without fear of judgment or discrimination for all the ways that you don’t match standard expectations – which is where mental health issues often arise due to feelings of inadequacy and shame over not fitting into societal norms.

It feels like this: if people weren’t pressured so much about how they should act in order to be normal, there would be more chances for people to explore and express themselves.

That’s why I’m going to talk about the importance of having a little bit of abnormalcy in your life – because it will help you not feel like an outsider. It’ll give you the opportunity to find that one thing or trait which makes you different from everyone else- whether it’s being loud, quiet, outgoing, shy; as long as its something authentic and true to who YOU are. This is what society needs: men and women who are willing embrace their quirks without worrying about how they look next time someone catches them doing so on camera! “Normal” just means “common.” Who says we have to common?

My Takeaway

I’m glad I can be myself and not worry about how others view me. If someone catches me doing something weird, they’re just going to think “Hey look, there’s that girl who is being herself.”

For too long we’ve been told what the right way to behave or dress or act is- but it doesn’t work for everyone!

There are so many different ways of existing in this world; why should we try to emulate a version of reality which has never existed? We need each other: those who want us to keep running on auto pilot (aka normal) don’t understand that if you’re living without any risk whatsoever- then your life will lack meaning. It’ll feel like an empty void with no one to care for, nothing to fight against, and no one who wants you around.

It’s not about being a freak- it’s just about living as yourself without apologizing or worrying if you’re going too far out of your comfort zone. It may be scary at first but that doesn’t mean we should stop- because all those risks are worth the reward: a more authentic life with real connections.

If I’m honest, then someone will tell me what they really think; I’ll have an open hearted conversation with a stranger which would never happen in normal society; my creativity is unleashed when I get to do things on impulse instead of consulting someone else before taking any action; finally having peace knowing that this is how people are supposed to live, not the other way around

It’s a constant battle of trying to be what society wants you to be, or turning your back on it.

There are no people who want you here in this world and there is nothing that can make me feel like I’m going too far out of my comfort zone when I know deep down everything about myself- every single piece of me without any apologies- is enough for whoever needs something more than normalcy.

Or maybe they just need someone who understands them because we all deserve real connections with each other instead of feeling scared everyday about saying anything different from “normal.” It may seem scary at first but that doesn’t mean we should stop: those risks are worth the reward. When I was a kid, my mom would always say to me “Be the best version of you.” It’s something that stuck with me for my whole life. Too many people are afraid of what they’re going through and give in to this concept of normalcy- make their lives worse than it is because they just want someone else to do it instead or can’t handle how hard change really is. But we’re not built like that: we need uniqueness; we need real connections with each other as humans beings. So be proud about who you are and live your truth everyday without any apologies from anyone judging you– no matter how different from society accepts normality, know deep down everything about yourself- every single piece of you


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