Todd has a reputation for being the best-dressed dog in town.

His owner, an architect by day and interior designer by night, takes great pride in making sure Todd’s surroundings are always impeccable. To keep his pup happy and well groomed, he recently installed a new carpeting system from the local flooring store. The installation went smoothly until Todd came home one evening to find that his favorite spot on the living room floor was wet!

“Why is the carpet all wet, Todd?” He asked as he picked up his pet and brought him over to investigate.

Todd’s owner looked around the room and noticed that on a clear day, an entire section of glass in his window was missing. “I think one of these days I’m going to have to install new windows,” he mumbled to himself as he set Todd down and went back upstairs for some large towels from the linen closet.

Once everything was dry, Todd happily resumed napping in his favorite spot..until it rained again! Every time it started raining outside, water would flow from under the door onto the living room rug where Todd liked to sleep. It seemed like every month or so there were more puddles in front of their apartment than before.”

“Why is my carpet all wet?” He wondered aloud as he dried off the rug for what felt like the hundredth time, then suddenly he recalled that his landlord had mentioned something about water damage before.

“Maybe I should ask him if there’s a leak in our apartment?” Todd thought aloud as he looked up to see an ominous patch of wetness on the ceiling above their kitchen table. “Nope! That’s definitely not good.” He muttered under his breath and decided it was probably best to tell someone who might know how to fix whatever needed fixing without putting any more furniture at risk just yet..or getting down on all fours and poking around blindly until they found where things were dripping from or seeping into when they weren’t supposed to be leaking or seeping.

I need a new mattress, Todd said to himself as he rubbed his eyes and tried not to think about how this was going to affect their budget.

“I need a new mattress,” Todd murmured aloud already rehearsing the words in his head that would sound convincing enough for him and Laura’s landlord while being truthful-ish at the same time. “We had an issue with water damage during our recent move.” He paused only briefly before continuing on: “And we’re still getting used to sleeping here so I’m sure it doesn’t help-”

He stopped talking abruptly when he heard someone knocking on their door from outside of their apartment building. Just who could be visiting them? It couldn’t possibly be one of Jamie or Mark’s friends because they knew to call first.

This blog post is about a man who wakes up on the wrong side of the bed and goes through his day waiting for someone (be it wife, friend or mother) to knock on their door. He has been studying how other people react when they hear knocking at their doors from an outside source but he finds that those reactions are different than what he experiences in his own life.

*Todd continues telling himself that everything will be ok as long as he can convince Laura’s landlord with whatever lie Todd comes up with.*

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He makes breakfast and drinks coffee before busying himself by doing dishes around the apartment while listening for any sound coming from outside of their front door-still nothing yet! This time though, Todd hears a noise coming from downstairs.

*Todd puts the dish down and goes to investigate-he finds that there is someone at their door with a package for them! Todd decides this must be what he has been waiting for all day so he starts planning how he will give Laura’s landlord his money.*

*A few minutes later, somebody knocks on the front door but it isn’t in time with whatever music was playing before. It doesn’t sound like anything they are expecting either so they go out of the kitchen into the living room where they find that whoever is knocking didn’t wait long enough to hear any other sounds (that might have included another knock) before giving up and leaving without saying anything. He walks back over to pick up the dish off of the floor and heads back to finish cooking dinner for Laura.*

*Todd finishes his work before he finally goes upstairs, but when he gets there, it seems like something is wrong. He enters their room cautiously- what if somebody was in here looking through all their stuff? The door does appear to be unlocked so that would mean they would have had a key from somewhere else which means.. well Todd isn’t sure what exactly that means really. But as soon as he steps into the room, everything becomes clear: water has been spilled on one side of the rug and some other liquid has leaked out onto part of it already! Todd quickly grabs a bunch of towels nearby and starts trying not only to mop up any water that’s still there, but to soak up the liquid on the carpet as well.

He does a good job of it too for he manages to get most of what was wet before going back downstairs and finishing cooking dinner. The food will be ready in about fifteen minutes or so- not enough time to wash everything out properly, but maybe if Laura doesn’t mind eating with some water spots on her plate..*

“Todd!” I yell from upstairs where he is supposed to have been putting away his things this whole time. “What did you do?” But when Todd gets near me, all I can see are two big puddles next to each other: one of them has already made its way towards my door while the other is spreading out across the carpet.

“I was mopping!” Todd replies and I can see that he’s frustrated because it takes him a little while to get all those words out in one breath. “But then-” And that’s when my phone starts ringing- not with an emergency, but someone calling for help on the other line. Maybe they’ll be able to tell me what happened better than Todd could have done himself.*


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